Rideshare in British Columbia

posted 4 days ago:

Hola! I'm looking for a ride from vancouver to nelson on the 31st for work, I will be arriving to the airport around 9am vancouver time. I have gas money and great talk.

posted 2 weeks ago:

Driving back to Banff and Canmore on the 31 Would like a passager to share gas I plan on driving straight through but could be talked in to stoping halfway

posted 2 weeks ago:

Driving back from Victoria on the 31 looking for a passenger to share gas

posted 1 week ago:

Finishing up school at BCIT and need to get up to the Okanagan for the summer. Will have a few bags of cloths and a couple of boxes.

posted 6 days ago:

Hey everyone, I'm leaving Vancouver around 9am on the 6th and will be heading to Calgary. I would be willing to drop you off or pick you up at a city along the way.

posted 6 days ago:

Ride for a dog!! Trying to get my 10 year old golden retriever from Vancouver to Ottawa for summer vacation at family cottage. He doesn't fly well. Gentle, calm and loving personality. Looking for someone to take him on their journey and leaving by June 23. Must love dogs and be able to...

posted 1 month ago:

Hey! I can share driving and gas costs. I'd like to be in Toronto by June 29th. If you're someone who likes to take lots of breaks/check out some sites I could possibly leave a little earlier to make that doable. If you'd rather drive straight I'm find with that too. Depending on space, I can...

posted 3 weeks ago:

Hi! I'm looking for a ride from Vancouver to Montréal in July. I just want to discover the country so I'm not in a hurry. It's only a holiday time for me :) I'd like to do some stops here and there, with a small budget. Please contact me if you're interested! Thank you. Emilie

posted 1 month ago:

I am driving across Canada July 1st ... I have drove 3 times from Victoria to St. Johns. I Usually drive with a kayak and hike along the way as well. I will mostly camp out but take some nights in hostels in the cities along the way. looking for someone to share a bit of the trip with, or all ......

posted 3 days ago:

Hello to everybody, I'm searching for a lift to Toronto latest arrival around 12th of July, but I'm really flexible on these. I'm actually in McBride but I could drive to nearly everywhere in BC or even Alberta to catch the ride to Toronto, it doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure I can say it's...

posted 6 months ago:

Hello! I moved to BC from Winnipeg 1 year ago. I am really hoping to visit my family in Winnipeg for Christmas this year. I am not too stuck on a certain date for travelling there, as long as I make it in time for Christmas Eve day. I would much rather travel on the road in order to save some...

posted 1 year ago:

my departure date can change, anytime 2 days before or after, l can also depart from vernon, thank you!

posted 1 year ago:

my date of getting a ride is flexible, please contact me if you are traveling to vernon or salman arm!

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