Rideshare in Manitoba

posted 4 weeks ago:

My partner and I are wanted to get from Winnipeg to the Mantario Southern Trailhead. Would anyone be driving in that direction? We would like to do the Mantario Trail, which is not a loop, hence we are asking for a rideshare. Also, if anyone is driving anywhere close to the the Mantario Northern...

posted 1 month ago:

Driving straight to Chicago for the weekend. I want minimal stops along the way. Obviously we can stop for the bathroom, get food, and stretch our legs for a few minutes. I plan on driving back on Monday around lunch time. I would like to leave first thing Friday morning and drive straight there...

posted 1 week ago:

Nepali citizen, new graduate student in U of Sask travelling to saskatoon from winnipeg on 30 or 31st of august. Seeking for safe and cheap car lift.