Rideshare in Ontario

posted 3 weeks ago:

25 year old male looking to go back home. Pay for part of the gas and such. Email me details. I would like to leave this month, id like to enjoy this last trip across Canada with someone rather then take a bus again. I have to travel through Canada.

posted 5 days ago:

I am a male, looking for someone who can drive my car with me to from Oshawa Ontario to Calgary Alberta. I hope to leave on May 31st. Driver must have good standing drivers licence. Please call 416-550-7059.

posted 6 days ago:

I'm offering a ride to Edmonton from Toronto or i can drop you in Winnipeg which is on the way. And my dates are flexible so we can plan the trip. Feel free to text me at+1 (647) 544-6566

posted 2 days ago:

Hello, I'm trying to get to Alberta for work. I'm a clean Man, I've driven across Canada 8 times. Not driving atm:( Please, if anyone can help me out I have gas money.

posted 2 days ago:

I have some luggage with me.

posted 1 week ago:

Camp job , non smoker , single male age 20

posted 4 days ago:

I'm looking for a ride to Calgary Alberta/Edmonton/Vancouver in July ( flexible on date). split gas Thanks

posted just now:

Hey all. Yyz to yyc in a hatchback. If you don't have too much luggage we'll be ok :). Leaving sat 7am. In theory :).

posted 2 years ago:

Hello,my girlfriend and I are interested in a rideshare from ottawa to vancouver in mid June 2015. We are easy going,love traveling and driving, so if you are interested please call 6132767791 Shaine.

posted 2 weeks ago:

-Looking to get from Toronto to Winnipeg in mid-June this year! (Ideally anywhere between June 19th and June 24th) -VERY flexible for timelines ... it takes 24 hours to the minute if you drive straight through which is awesome, but I'm cool with taking 2 days - 3 if needed. -I have a valid...

posted 1 day ago:

I am a 30 year old woman; looking to leave either from Cambridge. Kitchener or Toronto to Cranbrook area in mid June. I am flexible with the dates. I don't drive but I am willing to pitch half on gas, and offer my charming personality.

posted 1 month ago:

Hey friends, Aki here, i'm from Kyoto Japan and currently living in BC. I'll be in Toronto at end of june and am looking for a ride from Toronto to Newfoundland on June 25-30. I can pitch gas and good laughs :) if there is anyone going that way and room for me would love to join you! please...

posted 1 week ago:

Ottawa /Gatineau to Sydney, N.S around weekend of July ! . with a possible overnight stop , depending on weather , in the Riviere du Loup area ( separate accommodations. ) Looking for a licensed female co-driver comfortable with driving an SUV towing a boat . Can be dropped off anywhere after...

posted 4 days ago:

Hello, I live north of Lakefield off 28. I require a ride to Apsley and back (if possible) I start work @ 8:00am and finish around 4:00pm. This would only be for a few days this week as I am moving to Apsley. I am 43yr old clean non smoker. I would have minimal baggage ( lunch and small bag)....

posted 1 week ago:

My fiance and I are driving from Minden, Ontario (2 hrs north of Toronto) to Stony Plain, AB (30 min west of Edmonton) at the end of June. If anyone is looking for a ride pm me. We are looking for people who will pitch for gas. Our schedule is looking something like this: June 30: Minden ->...

posted 4 days ago:

I'm looking for a ride to Calgary Alberta/Edmonton/Vancouver in July ( flexible on date). split gas Thanks

posted 4 days ago:

I'm looking for a ride to Calgary Alberta/Edmonton/Vancouver in July ( flexible on date). split gas Thanks

posted 2 days ago:

I am a 59 year old retired teacher driving to Chilliwack BC on July 7th. I am moving there to be near my grandkids. I am looking for someone who has a valid drivers licence to share the driving. I will pay for all the gas. You would need to only pay for your food and your motel rooms along the...

posted 10 months ago:

I am offering a free ride anytime in late August...or return.

posted 1 year ago:

My small dog and I are leaving for Vancouver, B.C. September 20th. I would like to take the US route to save on gas and time. Estimated time to arrive is 5 days later. Would appreciate sharing gas costs and some of the driving if you are licensed. I do not have a huge car Honda Civic and trunk...

posted 7 months ago:

Hello I am with my buddy in Toronto and we need a lift to Calgary at the end of November. If you ride to Calgary we looking forward to coming with you.

posted 5 months ago:

Not set on exact date of leaving and still working out some of the details. Epic adventure awaits. Split the cost of gas. Male 32 flying to Ontario for Christmas and driving back to BC in newly acquired truck. Hoping to romanticize and see the country from the ground for once. Conquer the...

posted 2 months ago:

Leaving Niagara Falls, ON at an undecided time the week of April 11th. (Flexible) We'll be taking the Highway and staying in Canada. It should take us 1day 22hrs. (Assuming others can drive and we don't stop for the night.) I have done this drive several times before. I will have a...

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