Rideshare in Arizona

posted 1 week ago:

Hey - I plan to drive from Chandler, AZ to Cedar Falls, IA. I can drop you off if your destination is on the way. My dates are flexible between August 20st and 25th. Send me an email and we can talk more. send me an email at akbar@uni.edu

posted 2 days ago:

Hi my name is Jayden Jordan, i am in phoenix arizona, im so stuck out here man im 18, my family is all back home in iowa and i really need to get home. I spent all of my money on my ticket here hoping for a olace to stay and ended being told they couldnt let me stay. Is there any way i can get a...

posted 1 day ago:

I am looking for a ride to des moines Iowa or a city in northern Missouri please contact me at 520-349-1822

posted 1 month ago:

Looking to buy some gas and get myself & my two small dogs to San Diego, Ca. On or about Sept. 5, 2019. Dogs will be in crate. Hope to have ample stop time allowing dogs to toilet and water. No small kids, please.

posted 4 months ago:

I will be going from Southern Ca. to Kansas, via New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma. If you need a ride anywhere along the way please contact me directly at 619-729-4729. I am a retired military veteran and I have a lot of room for your luggage or whatever you want to bring. I would need to...

posted 1 month ago:

I will be driving to ca on approx. 10/5/19 if you need a ride anywhere along the way you can call or text me at 619-729-4729. I am a us navy veteran and there will be plenty of room for all your luggage, boxes, pets or whatever.