Rideshare in New Mexico

posted 1 week ago:

Hi - I'm looking for a lift from New Mexico to California around Labor Day. My days are flexible (I just need to arrive by Sept 9th). Even my destination is flexible. Ideally I'm headed to the SF Bay Area but the San Diego area will also work! I'm happy to share driving as well as expenses and...

posted 5 months ago:

Have small U-haul truck. Destination Los Angeles/Hollywood CA. Can take up to two travelors with cargo. I Just need a quarter of the space U-haul space. Are you willing to pay $100 per passenger in advance, pay for gas during and topping-off after and a lunch? If so, you are welcome to...

posted 3 months ago:

I will be driving to Kansas on Sept 26, if you nee a ride you can text or call me directly at 619-729-4729. I have plenty of room for any luggage. Terry