EXPIRED: Grover Beach to Westfield

posted 10 months ago:

Need help with gas money on a one way trip to western New York. Moving to help my elderly father who lives in Little Valley, NY
I will be driving a U-Haul truck, towing my car.
I'm the only one driving 10 or 11 hours per day, with Motel nightly. I prefer staying off major interstates and look forward to a plesent leisurely 6 or 7 day trip across country.
Prefered rider age of 30 to 70, male or female. I can only take 1 Rider with weight limits of body and luggage that can not exceed 600lbs (due to vehicle weight limits).
Contact me for details, cost, and limitations. You'll need $500.00 for gas, plus your cost for motel and your meals. Departure date not firm, but we need to leave before winter sets in.
Rider must submitt to search of property due to crossing state lines, INS or DOT inspections.
No firearms, or illegal drugs permitted.
Excessive alcohol consumption will not be permitted. Prefer Non-Smoker, or very light smoker who dosnt mind my occasional smoke.
I have over 30 years experience driving big rigs across country with over 4 million miles accident and violation free. I was EMT certified and a firefighter who can get you there safely.
I look forward to a plesent time because I won't be limited to the interstates as I have most of life in a big rig.
I expect to take my time and enjoy this trip. I'm in no hurry, and always obey the speed limits and safe road conditions.
I like listening to Spotify, no rap, grunge, or heavy metal.
I'm a polite 58 year old Salcealian white male, easy to ride with.
I never lie, steal or cheat.
I am not interested in sex, and I'm super street smart.
I like paranormal investgating, ufology, historic places, and consider myself very spiritual, but not a bible thumper.
I like my solitude and do very well by myself most of the time. I'm very well educated in a wide veriety of subjects, and love building things, or working with my hands.
I'm very open minded, and do not like mean people, or haters. I'm also color blind when it comes to people. I treat all Gods people with equal respect.
Pets are welcome if they are small and genital.
I consider myself to be very tech savvy, but do not do social media due to privacy concerns and recent developments with A.I. technology that is very disturbing.
I can only be contacted by email, but may give you my phone number if I think we click to ride.


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