EXPIRED: Houston to Arizona

posted 11 months ago:

ok this is a long story made short im 16 going on 17 in feb 2019 and i have a girlfriend in arizona el mirage miracopa
and i wanted to see if anyone can take me my parents dont care if i go but they wont take me i can provide proof of their permission irl etc so let me know on instagram @renesotrill or idk if u can message here but thanks goodbye


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posted 1 month ago:

Looking to travel to north carolina and back october around the first 3 days of october if you can get me one way ill be greatful... Tell me what it will cost me and ill see what i can do... Ill pay cash in person on the spot at the time of pick up. I am picking up someone who will be moving in...

posted 5 days ago:

Hello my name is Jack my wife's name is Amber on November 1st will be married 36 years and we'd like to give a gift to each other by getting out of Texas and going to Ohio to be with her parents. would like share cost in Spanish maybe somebody with a truck to take a few personal items with this...

posted 2 months ago:

Going from Houston to Utah so anywhere on the route I am happy to share the ride

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