EXPIRED: Houston to Arizona

posted 6 months ago:

ok this is a long story made short im 16 going on 17 in feb 2019 and i have a girlfriend in arizona el mirage miracopa
and i wanted to see if anyone can take me my parents dont care if i go but they wont take me i can provide proof of their permission irl etc so let me know on instagram @renesotrill or idk if u can message here but thanks goodbye


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posted 2 days ago:

Hello! We are looking for a ride from Houston/Dallas/San Antonio/Austin to Chicago/Detroit area. Our dates are flexible (May3rd-May6th) as well as our pickup/drop off location. We are a couple with a toddler. Thank you!

posted 2 weeks ago:

I am driving to San Francisco (for a summer internship) and would like to have an accompany. I am flexible with the date of leaving, can leave 1 or 2 days earlier or later (4/2/19 - 4/6/19). I would charge you 120-150$ cache for ride-sharing. If you do not take the whole trip, will charge...

posted 5 months ago:

im leaving to california sometimes in july or august of 2019 need someone who can pitch in for gas at least 100-150$ ill buy food also has a drivers license and can drive safely I want to take turns on driving in case i get tired must bring some type of money in case of emergency and only...

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