EXPIRED: London to Halifax

posted 1 month ago:

Travelling to Halifax - or maybe the north shore or maybe Cape Breton - somewhere in Nova Scotia. I’m scoping out places to possibly relocate. I’m pretty flexible about the date, but I would prefer to be there before the rabid tourists show up - so the first half of the month would suit me better. I expect the trip to take 3 days - London to Cornwall to Rivière-du-loup to Nova Scotia. So a leisurely trip, but if you can drive a manual transmission & you want to go further, that’s something we can do. I take lots of pee breaks, stretch my legs, let the dog run around & will stop on reasonable request. My car is a FIAT Cabriolet - it’s wee. I like to drive with the top down as much as possible, but it will probably be too cold. There’s no trunk to speak of, a small backseat that will be occupied by a Boston Terrier & his crate - so not a lot of room for baggage therefore I can only take 1 person. I’m a non-smoker but if you do, I will stop for you. I will horrify you with my choice of music which I WILL CONTROL - stamped it, no erasies, no do-overs. I will be looking for cheap motel accommodation that will accept my dog. I prefer to have a room to myself, so you’ll be responsible for your own room. I would like whomever to pay half for gas - I’m thinking it will probably be less than $100. You can check me out on twitter as @EccentricMildly - that will give you an idea about me & my musical taste & you can read the ever-so-slightly apocryphal adventures of 2 Boston Terriers in the Weekly Presley Report. Please don’t tweet me - I’m hopelessly backward with anything electronic. You’re better off to text me at ***********4. I’m a geezer & I don’t drive in bad weather. I will bore you with stories about the 70s if I can remember them. And it would be a good idea if you like dogs, history, Canada, satire & it’s especially important to be politically incorrect. It’s a long trip & if you don’t have a black sense of humour, it will seem even longer.


Hotels near Halifax

Dalhousie University Conference Services & Summer Accommodations
1233 LeMarchant Street, Halifax
Saint Mary's University Residence Summer Accommodations
923 Robie St, Halifax
Beatonridge Guest House
34 Flamingo Drive, Halifax
Sal's Bed and Breakfast by the Sea
241 Village Road, Herring Cove
Commons Inn Halifax
5780 West Street, Halifax
Ascendence Harbourside Mansion Bed & Breakfast Halifax
24 Northumberland Drive, Halifax

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