ride wanted: Auckland to Hawke's Bay

posted 2 weeks ago:

Hi! My name's Sara. I am coming to NZ from Aus to work as an art therapist at Hawke's Bay. I would be very happy to pay 50% fuel to get to Napier, Hastings or nearby but I'm not even sure if I can after the flooding there. I'm easygoing and pretty chilled out (although I do have a couple of suitcases). Kind of flexible with the dates - I fly in on the 28th but the lift could work on the 29 or 30 March, I'm flexible.
I don't mind what route we use, and happy with whatever music or talking but no smoking.
Email is the best contact as I don't have a phone in NZ yet. I will be getting one as soon as I land.
Cheers, Sara


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posted 3 weeks ago:

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