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  • Nov 2014 22 Saturday

    He! I'm looking for a ride from Apollo bay to adelaide, warrnabool or whatever, as long as you go in that direction. I'm a social and very friendley Guy from Holland and if I'm in the right mood I mite play Some guitat along the way ;)

    • Listed Thursday, 20 Nov 14
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  • Nov 2014 22 Saturday

    hey there,
    I'm Joscha(19) from Germany.
    I'm renting a camper van and heading to cairns.
    Stopping in Canberra, goulburn, Sydney, Byron bay, brisbane,....
    I should be in cairns at the 11.12.14
    Text me if you want to join me.
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    • Listed Wednesday, 19 Nov 14
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  • Nov 2014 23 Sunday

    I'm going to Australia in November to join my girlfriend in Cairns. I will fly to Brisbane, get a car (it's sure I already have it ready), and drive up to Cairns.
    I guess it will take 2 days and 1 night stop in between or a 3 days and 2 nights stop. Not sure yet.
    I'll take my flight ticket soon and it should be around November 23rd.
    If you're interesting in sharing the trip! Don't hesitate to contact me!

    • Listed Thursday, 2 Oct 14
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  • Nov 2014 24 Monday

    Hey everybody,
    we are two german backpackers trying to get from Adelaide to Melbourne with visiting the Grampians and the Great Ocean Road.We planned to start the trip around Tuesday(24.11)and spend three to four days on the trip.
    Currently we are looking for opportunities to get there. A great option would be to share the ride with somebody.If you dont own a car we would be willing to share the rental costs (You would need to be over 21 as we both aren't).
    Of course we would also participate in other costs like fuel etc..
    If this sounds attracting to you feel free to contact us at866  098  574  0 phone or write an e-mail to moc.liamg@ztiwonaj.naimad eMail
    Regards, Damian and Daniel

    • Listed Thursday, 20 Nov 14
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  • Nov 2014 24 Monday

    Hey guys, Im looking for a lift from cairns down to brisbane/noose just before Xmas so mid December up until the 23rd. I don't mind doing stops as I haven't done the east coast yet.
    I'm a cool arse 24 yr old English girl who's up for a laugh or a chilled, whatever goes :) obviously Il share the petrol, food and goodies ;)

    • Listed Monday, 17 Nov 14
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  • Nov 2014 24 Monday

    We are travelling with our own Ford Transit 12 seater. We can provide tents, stretcher beds and cooking equipment. 2 seats left.
    We plan to drive along GOR,Grampians, Adelaide, Esperance and Wave Rock.
    Get in contact:
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    Kristina and Adam

    • Listed Friday, 21 Nov 14
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  • Nov 2014 24 Monday

    Hi mates

    We are a (fairly) young Danish couple, 25 & 30 years old, who have been living in Melbourne for the past 5 months, studying and working. Now it is time to explore what else Australia has to offer :-) We are pretty easy going and social, and we would live some company on the way!

    We have rented a decent sized car and is, at first, going towards Sydney on Monday morning the 24th of November. We have got a good amount of luggage ourself, but we can probably take two people with us with a bag each.

    We have already seen most of what Victoria has to offer, so we are going to drive straight to the small town of Eden on the other side off the boarder in NSW. We are going to stay here on a campsite for 2 nights, as we want to go whale watching from Eden and hiking in Ben Boyd National Park. Afterwards we just want to drive for a day towards Sydney, making stops along the way and one more night somewhere. We have book accommandation in Sydney on Thursday the 27th. of November, so are going to drive in that day.

    We want to see if another couple, or couple of friends, want to join us for the trip and chip in for gas - roughly 50 $/pp. We cover the costs of the car rental. Have a good day !

    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Nov 14
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