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  • Oct 2016 21 Friday

    Hi, i'm looking for someone driving from montreal to halifax or even New Brunswick, that could bring a puppy for me. She is getting flown into the MontreL airport the last week of november.

    • Listed Friday, 14 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 23 Sunday

    Hey, I'm driving from St-Thomas to Toronto. I can take passengers in London or on the way too. I have 4 places. You're welcome ! After that, I'll probably go to Montreal.

    • Listed Friday, 21 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 27 Thursday

    First I should say I'm passing through Calgary on my way to to Nelson, just past Alberta. I'm moving out there for the winter so I will have a lot of stuff. Another 8 hours or so from Nelson and your in Vancouver. I have very limited space, and I only have room for 1 passenger. I would be most likely be camping along the way to save money. I would be going through Canada most likely, not the US route. I like rock music and good conversation. I would expect the passenger to pay 50 of gas costs; so every other tank. I don't need to get there super fast but I would like to get there in 4 days, so thats 4 full days of driving. I also don't mind stopping on the way if theres something worth checking out and to split up the drive.

    Shoot me an email if your interested.


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 29 Saturday

    I am driving from Pitt meadows, BC to Winnipeg, Mb and am looking for 1 passenger to share the cost of gas. I am a 38 yr old female moving back home and have a 2012 fusion.

    • Listed Thursday, 25 Aug 16
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  • Oct 2016 30 Sunday

    We are looking for a car to drive from Toronto to Edmonton sometime in October. We are flexible with exact day.
    Please hit us up if you need responsible people to transport your car over.
    Maria & Ollie

    • Listed Saturday, 3 Sep 16
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