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  • Dec 2016 06 Tuesday

    Im looking for a lift to Ottawa from Toronto (west Toronto, even Mississauga or Halton Hills) early the week of December 5, preferably to ride on Tuesday December 6. Thanks!

    • Listed Thursday, 1 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 16 Friday

    Hi there,

    The names Ashtinn, I will be traveling to Nelson BC on the start of my Christmas Holidays December 16, 2016 (Leisure Drive). One thing you should know is that I like to be on time. So the timelines I give I will be following, once on the road however I will go with the flow.

    I will be leaving right after my work at 4:30-5:00PM from Lac La Biche, Alberta and will head to Edmonton at that time.

    I most likely will be passing by or through Edmonton at around 6:30- 7:00PM (depending on if anyone needs a ride from their).

    I own a Toyota 4Runner Truck and will have 4 seats available and some extra space for luggage if needed. You can smoke in the Vehicle. I will be taking breaks when my body tells me.

    I have only driven about 6 hours by myself before so this 11 hours will be hard on me, it would be great for someone to join me so I don't get bored and tired maybe if you have your valid drivers I will even let you drive (No promises but most likely this drive will kill me if I don't rest or someone else drives for a bit) So that being said let me know if your interested.

    I probably will stop on the side of the road for a couple hours to sleep or I might stay the night in a hotel. We shall see how I feel.

    • Listed Wednesday, 9 Nov 16
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  • Dec 2016 17 Saturday


    We are a student couple from RRC, just want to have a holiday on Xmas this year. Willing to share gas fee or talking during the ride

    We can be flexible in the destination and easy to make friends with anybody
    Email us: moc.liamg@381ognworb eMail

    Bao and Brown

    • Listed Wednesday, 9 Nov 16
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