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  • Dec 2016 10 Saturday

    leaving within a week or so

    Going to stop and enjoy the west coast, maybe enjoy it slow or go fast could take a few days to do or 4 or so. I have to be in Cromwell on the 13th

    I have a car with 4 seats subaru, looking for people to enjoy company and share the trip.

    i am going to work in cromwell.

    Msg me if interested, let me know what your thoughts are, I'm open to ideas and easy going.

    I am in bleinheim at the present. and I could make it to queenstown aswell
    Share gas costs

    • Listed Saturday, 3 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 23 Friday


    We've a car ride to offer to 2 adults ( +1 child is okay) from Picton to Christchurch on 23rd Dec 13:00.

    We'll start from Picton at 13:00 and planning to reach by night to Christchurch.

    We are looking for someone who knows driving and would want to share the cost and ride.

    • Listed Thursday, 1 Dec 16
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  • Jan 2017 02 Monday

    Two girls need a lift.
    We come from China want to have a trip in South NZ.
    We don't have a detailed plan, so if someone wants to have a trip in this period of time can just contact us.
    mobile number:808  567  372  0 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 6 Nov 16
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