Rideshare in Saskatchewan

posted 2 weeks ago:

I passenger, can lave big luggage or pet.

posted 4 days ago:

I need to get back to Calgary for family/personal matters. I am friendly, talkative, outgoing, and happy go lucky. I can pay for gas. I cannot drive because I don't have a license. Otherwise I would! Please contact me via call/text at 6393823438 Thanks in advance!

posted 3 days ago:

I am a young, well-educated, man who is looking for a ONE-way ride from Saskatoon to Calgary. I do have provincial identification and back ids, if that helps! I am going home to family! Please feel free to call me for more info! $$$$ Yes I will pay money! $$$$ Thank you so much in advance.

posted 2 days ago:

I'm going from Saskatoon to Hanley, and then I'm going to stay for about two hours, and I'm going back to Saskatoon, and I need a driver to drive me back and forth.

posted 3 years ago:

Leaving from Russel mb going to Vancouver.