EXPIRED: Elizabethtown to Atlanta

posted 3 weeks ago:

36 year old female here looking to get a ride (preferably with someone who drives straight through the night) from the Elizabethtown, PA area to Atlanta, GA. I believe it’s a little over an 11 hour drive and I’d ideally like to be there no later than 10am on Saturday March 25th so I can check into my hotel and attend a friends wedding. I don’t mind stopping for gas, food, bathroom or whatever the driver may need as long as I arrive on time in Atlanta.
Looking to pay alittle less than what a flight ticket would cost me (right now it’s over $500 if flying out of Harrisburg). I can go either way with however social the driver is…I can talk your ear off about anything and everything or I can put my headphones on/read/sleep if they prefer the quiet. Music- I enjoy a wide variety like modern country, classic rock, pop, hip hop, Oldies, rap, movie soundtracks, etc. I don’t smoke anything but I really don’t mind if you smoke cigarettes.
I’ll be flying my way home so this ride share request will only be needed one way.
I prefer to be emailed rather than called or text atleast until I get set up with the person I’ll be riding with.

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