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I'm a 44 easy to get along with and have np keeping the driver and giving him all the desired time he/ she might need to drive as long as they can! Aswel I also can be quite than a mouse two were Evan Bourne wouldn't have the proper technology to be able to here me breath! My mother has passed away just a day or two ago,as I need to get home asap to be with my only sister to help with my mother's funeral,and also help each other mourn this unsudden tragedy to our once decent sized family! But hey that's life! I guess,on a personal note it would had been nice to had say good by,and hope we all meet again, In our much needed after life one day! As I need to believe in something rather,or then what's the point...enough said for time being,but I am a man truly desperate to get back to Ontario! As for luggage I will be only headed one way with this one but if needed,as I'm sure all would go fantastic on our one way drive for myself atm but if needed a male/ female who might need to go back,if that's your goal,it would be easy to exchange numbers I'm sure,I'd have no problem finding someone like myself,not as handsome I might add! As that would be hard for most people I've known for years now all over Ontario! Even northern Ontario would be great to get to or by? Like Sudbury or Timmins,also as for maps or GPS id almost be as straight as a tour guide in Ontario as I'm well known and have worked in cities all my life 20+ years. Now,as I there ain't much I don't know about our lovely country! Once again as you can see I like to talk at time,with this time being one of those times! I tried ride share Last year and if my back didn't get broken in three spots! I was four days away and 250$ from being in My Home town of Windsor Ontario! Obviously that didn't work as I never wanted to burden a friend whom is like a brother with that sort of a headache! As he would have still loved to have me? I just know I needed to get my back to w ere it was needing to be at so I would be able to work! And what doctors said would take 5 to 6 years to completely heal from my wounds????witch in fact my persistence payed off and now as I'm ready to conquer the world all over again one day at a time! The date above is not a nescacary date esspesially if you are interested anytime before month end would be a much needed time for me to leave as my expire date has ran out on the what should be condemned building and the time I have left in it! And so there you have details on who I am? A bit I suppose anyway!and if your able to reply back for whom it may be interested in some good laughs and a great road trip across probably my final time across our great nation! As for my things I will have a tote with wheels as well a suit case and possibly a small bag toletress ext. I honestly didn't want to overwhelm anyone here on ride share with my now but not planned small novel I've Ive just wrote at this time, but buy doing so it saves on much Q&A in the future,if interested witch I'm truly hoping one person out there is just the person I need for another fantastic ride through the largest inhabited country in the world as I look forward,to hearing back from as a just as optimistic man/ or female if so you can contact me/ as I've temporary lost my phone atm cleaning an moving,as I hope to find It soon? But temporary you can call me Trevor Bergeron *********336 or email at,and please I hope most who read what looks like a bedtime story for a high school graduate! As I just wanted most Q&A answered without Alot of back and fourth! Personally anywhere in Ontario whould be a blessing honestly! And an idea on how much $$$ I'll need for the amazing ride across the world's greatest country,aswell for Q and A below I ain't picky and as far as a hurry is concerned it's going to be a long drive no matter what,I'm a club d.j. love most genres of music,I'll be alone with tote and suitcase maybe one other back possibly? If interested I just need to know how much you might need for $$$ please and thank you as I hope to hear back from a few replies over the weekend?....


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Need to get out of van I'm in a very abusive relationship and it sucks

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