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Things to see and do in Toowoomba

  1. Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland - offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside, perfect for a picnic or hike.

  2. Japanese Garden - a tranquil oasis featuring traditional Japanese architecture, gardens, and a teahouse.

  3. Laurel Bank Park - a beautiful park with flower gardens, a playground, and walking paths.

  4. Toowoomba Farmers Market - held every Saturday, this market offers fresh produce, artisanal products, and live music.

  5. Empire Theatre - a historic theater that hosts a variety of live performances and events.

  6. Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers - an annual event held in September, featuring floral displays, live music, and food vendors.

  7. Queens Park - a large park with a botanical garden, playground, and walking paths.

  8. DownsSteam Tourist Railway and Museum - a museum showcasing the history of rail travel in the region, with steam train rides available.

  9. Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery - a gallery featuring a variety of contemporary and historic art exhibitions.

  10. Highfields Pioneer Village - a living museum showcasing the pioneer history of the region, with historic buildings, artifacts, and demonstrations.

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