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  • Mar 2017 24 Friday

    we are trvelling to the Rockies with our van :) we are two girls with two available seats.
    We will be coming from Nanaimo so we will cross Vancouver from the North to 1st hight way to Kelowna.
    If you are interested in us please contact with 7-7-8-9-9-2-0-4-0-9!!

    Thank you :)

    • Listed Sunday, 19 Mar 17
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  • Mar 2017 29 Wednesday

    Hello!! My name is josh. I'm just a cruizy 21 year old duude who is in need of a lift to nelson as soon as possible. So yah, I'm good at chatting if you want to chat and I'm also good at not chatting... so don't worry about silence because it just means you can think of other thoughts!
    my number is 161  288  740  6 phone, call me or text, whatever you prefer.
    Hope to here back from someone!

    • Listed Wednesday, 22 Mar 17
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  • Apr 2017 01 Saturday

    Hi there,

    My name is Courtney. I am looking for a ride from Vancouver to Toronto. I want to check out a few places in Canada before I jet off back home to Australia. I will have a snowboard bag with me. Hit me up if you would like a travel buddy. Cheers!

    • Listed Sunday, 16 Oct 16
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  • Dec 2017 19 Tuesday

    I moved to BC from Winnipeg 1 year ago. I am really hoping to visit my family in Winnipeg for Christmas this year. I am not too stuck on a certain date for travelling there, as long as I make it in time for Christmas Eve day. I would much rather travel on the road in order to save some money, and I think it would be fun travelling with someone in this way and getting to know someone new. Hope to hear from YOU! :)

    • Listed Wednesday, 23 Nov 16
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