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  • May 2016 06 Friday

    Hi. I'm a 35 year old female looking for a way to get to my ex fiancé. It's sort of a romantic story except I'm too broke for a plane ticket. I have enough for gas though.

    • Listed Wednesday, 4 May 16
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  • May 2016 06 Friday

    I need a ride to california desperately anytime before May 4 2016 I will pay for most of the gas,, thank you. Mark Isley

    • Listed Friday, 29 Apr 16
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  • May 2016 06 Friday

    Hi! I plan to spend the weekend in Chicago, leaving Urbana after work on Friday 5/6 around 4:30PM, and coming back on Sunday 5/8 around 5:00PM.

    The trip usually takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the traffic in Chicago. I usually drive without making any stop, but a quick one could be done if needed. My car has 4 free seats, and I do not usually carry a lot of lugagge, just one or two small bags. So I would say about 2/3 of my trunk would be free for luggage.

    I am a Spanish guy from Madrid who works as an environmental engineer for a company in Danville IL, and I live in Urbana. I studied my masters and lived for a year in Chicago, and have lots of friends over there. That's why some weekends like I go there.

    I only ask for the cost of gas, which is usally about one tank for going and coming back (around 20-30$, depending on gas prices), and good behaviour and respect during the trip.

    If you feel like interested, let me know by email.


    Note: I don't mind picking up somebody who lives in Champaign or some other city on my way.

    • Listed Saturday, 30 Apr 16
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  • May 2016 07 Saturday

    Leaving the Saint Cloud, Florida area very early (5am or so) on Saturday, May 7, driving straight through to northeastern New Jersey the same day arriving in the evening. I'll be driving a well-kept Prius.

    Visiting my mom for Mother's Day.

    Fast highway trip! Stopping only for gas and bathroom / take-out food breaks.

    You pay for gas (probably less than $80 in my hybrid Prius).

    Some parameters: Please, no smoking in or out of my car, be freshly showered, and ready for good conversation.

    • Listed Monday, 11 Apr 16
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