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  • Oct 2014 23 Thursday

    I am looking for someone to share driving with me from Colorado springs to SanFrancisco.I plan to drive straight thru. maybe stop and rest at truckstops.I will pay all gas expences if you can help with the driving.I have a 2004 Saturn.i am 60 yrs old male. just looking for some help driving to bay area....ThankYou.Email ro.moc.liamg@swodaemch eMail text me at135  788  205  6 phone

    • Listed Wednesday, 22 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 23 Thursday

    Heading out to wisconsin to visit a friend..anyone need a ride in that direction?

    Have a stick shift suv with room for some luggage.

    Looking forward to sharing some good music/conversation/silence, and of course hoping to offset some of the cost.

    Eastward ho!

    • Listed Saturday, 18 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 25 Saturday

    Hello! Two people and one (medium, calm) dog looking to add a passenger for our trip to seattle. We are just getting done working the season at Yellowstone National Park and are starting a road trip along the west coast. We are looking to do two days of driving. 7 hours to Missoula, stay in a cheap hotel, then 7 hours to Seattle. There will be room enough for a reasonable amount of luggage from our passenger. Maybe a suitcase and backpack something like that. We are both smokers. We would also love it if you have something to listen to, as we are getting burned out on all my cd's. NPR and books on tape are rad I just dont have any :) I figure we'd just split everything three ways but that is negotiable. Please contact me through email.


    • Listed Wednesday, 24 Sep 14
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